Vector Werowhite water world 

Year 6 Students At Homai were very fortunate last week to participate in white water rafting. For many of our students (and staff) it was the first time in a raft as they worked together to paddle down the white water rapids. It was a great opportunity to face some our fears in a safe environment. Thankyou to the staff at the waterpark who were able to provide our students with clear instructions to ensure all students were safe and had an enjoyable time.Thanks to Ms Adams for all of your hard work organising the trip. Thanks Mrs Eniata and Matua Astin and Ms Adams for supervising in the water and having a go with the students. Thankyou Matua John for your supervisor skills on land!

Nga Kete- Samoan Language Week

Every Monday I have the pleasure of spending time with students in Nga Kete (School Library).
Students are able to read a range on fiction and non-fiction books, big books, some books written by other students, computers, jigsaw puzzles and today students were able to complete art work to support Samoan Language week!

Culture Counts- Relationship Based Learning Staff PLD

Staff PLD was to unpack some of the key aspects of the Culture Counts Relationship Based Learning Tool and the 5 Key dimensions for a Family like context.
1. Rejecting deficit explanations for students' learning
2. Caring fro and nurturing the learner, including their language and culture.
3. Voicing and demonstrating high expectations.
4. Ensuring that all learners can learn in a well-managed environment.
5. Knowing what students need to learn.

Room 3 Connected Curriculum

I had the pleasure of supporting Room 3 today as they were completing research for their Connected Curriculum Inquiry.
The students were to select an Atua (Maori God) and then develop 3 key questions to investigate.
Some students selected Tawhirimatea. they were investigating the links between Tawhirimatea and the Cyclones.

The students worked in groups of 3 and each student was given a role.  The students were provided with a graphic organiser to collate their ideas and Ipads or a chrome books was used to investigate their key questions.

Wall Displays Week 4

Well Done to Room 8 and Mrs Helsham for the lovely written work about THE LORAX which has been displayed in the Library- Nga Kete Marautanga.

Room 1 and Mrs Eniata have completed some beautiful pieces of writing about Someone Special to them- most students have chose to write about their Mum, even Mrs Eniata wrote about her Mother. This display is located in our office foyer. Come and have a look!

Thank you Mrs Watson and the SST's,  our Learning Hub has been made over to support teachers and students. Our Gives Values Posters are proudly displayed too.

School Walk Throughs


Homai Gives Values

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